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Skilled in all aspects of 3D modelling, from concept through to final rendering. Professional knowledge and experience in modelling techniques, lighting and effects,

texturing, scene setting, animation and rendering, as well
as an in depth knowledge of several 3D modelling technologies, from Autodesk 3DS and Maya, to Sketchup, as well as alternative visual creation platforms like Second Life.


3D Modelling and Design.

I use a number of techniques when designing images and

graphics, from traditional sketch and outline methods using pencil and paper, to conceptualizing ideas within digital creation environments. An in depth knowledge and use of masks, shadows and layering techniques, as well as professional knowledge of industry standard file requirements and technologies used for print and web.


2D Graphics and Design.

An in depth knowledge of compact digital camera technology, as well as professional DSLR equipment. Understanding of shutter speed, exposure, ISO requirements, lighting and subject matter for

professional image capture. Additional skills include; post editing techniques, filtering, layering, masks, as well as optimization for print and web applications.


Photography and Editing

I develop ideas and concepts through a desire to understand the world around me.

When posed with a problem, I perform a process of research and analysis, gaining a deep understanding of the subject matter, and evolve practical solutions.


Concept Realisation

Involved in amateur electronic music production since the late nineties. Access to various Digital Audio Workstation's along the way. Adept at synths, oscillators,

percussion, drums, loops, arpeggio's, chords, effects, reverb, delay's and equalizers. Useful tools for synchronizing audio with animation and video.

Digital Audio Production

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